Company Profile
Founded in 1975, United Jewelry has a long history in jadeite jade jewellery manufacturing. It provides one-stop high-quality services, starts form the raw materials purchasing in Myanmar, the innovative design to the whole production, all the process is completed by United Jewelry. It is shining the spotlight on its natural jadeite jewellery collections that include rings, brooches, bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants and jewellery sets, each piece in the collection is exceptional. It always insist on excellence, innovative ideas, the traditional product exudes extraordinary brilliance, among the best in the industry. United Jewelry has won the trust and appreciations of buyers from all over the world. Due to the excellence products and thoughtful after sales services, it has been one of the top jadeite jade providers in Asia. Looking forward, United Jewelry continuous to strengthen its foothold in the global marketplace.
Company Commitment
Since its establishment in 1975, United Jewelry has adhered to the principle of sincerity and integrity, to provide customers with caring services, over the years in the jadeite jewellery industry has established a good image. The core value lies in the company's outstanding talent and expertise.
Corporate Social Responsibilities
United Jewelry fulfils corporate responsibilities in charity by donation, staff and management participation. To contribute to the community in large, United Jewelry is involved in non-profit activities and encourages its staff to make a positive impact on society.
Design Concept
Untied Jewelry always insists on innovative ideas. Our products exude extraordinary brilliance and fashionable appearance. Being passionate about jewelry craftmanship, we continuously seeking for improved techniques in enhancing the perspective of our merchandise.
The headquarter of United Jewelry is located in Hong Kong. Our factory is in Foshan, and we have shops in Mainland China. Our production team composes of many professional and experienced craftsmen, with mostly having over 15 years of crafting experience. We constantly screen our products to ensure that they are in excellent quality and condition. Our products are unique, it is the result of artistic passion and technical precision.
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We produce only natural jadeite which are imported from Myanmar. All products can come with a certificate that is verified by the renowned gems laboratory. We are also a member of Hong Kong Jewelry & Jade Manufacturers Association and a member of Hong Kong Jewelry manufacturers' association.